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CAAC Tax Services’ priority is to focus on helping our community with many services. We provide services with integrity, honesty, respect and professionalism. CAAC Tax Services has been in business since 2005 and we are dedicated to providing you with the best customer service. At CAAC Tax Services you will have a large number of services without having to go elsewhere.

We will offer a wide range of services to make your life easier such as Tax Preparation, Home, Auto, Health and Commercial Insurance; Money transfers with Barri and MoneyGram; Titles, LLC and DBA for your business; 24/7 notary public (mobile service); Wills and much more.

Edna Su

Allow Mrs. Edna Su, owner and her staff to provide you with excellent customer service and make you feel like family. Ms. Edna has extensive experience as a tax certification, bookkeeping certification, and insurance certification to offer you the best quote and advice for her family or business.

Taxes and Accounting


Preparing your own income tax return can be a task that leaves you with more questions than answers. Let us advise you and help you maximize your tax refund. Our tax expertise can take you through the steps of processing the numbers, completing your tax information, and the filing process. Our prices start at $100.


Corporate income taxes are paid at the corporate income tax rate, not the personal tax rate. We can help you start a business, close a business, non-profit organizations, payroll, accounting, business advice, sales tax, and the general management of your needs as a corporation. Call us for a free quote or consultation to advise you on what will be your best tax return for a better presentation.

Accounting / payroll

You can always count on our professional bookkeeping and payroll services. CAAC Tax Services will provide you with a wide range of bookkeeping and payroll for your small and/or large business. Call us today for a free consultation. Our rates are very affordable.


ITIN NUMBER is a special number that the IRS provides to people who do not have a social security number to file their individual tax return. This must be renewed every year. Call us today to help you. Whether you came to the United States legally or illegally, we can help you file your ITIN application. It works like a social security card. You can declare income and the government will allow you to pay taxes.

Business Organization


Whether you are a sole proprietor running a lawn service or the head of a major corporation, you can use a DBA for your business. Although a DBA is a fictitious name, they are legally recognized as representing your actual business. A DBA has no impact on the structure of your business nor does it affect your taxes. A DBA is used primarily for marketing purposes. It is your brand that potential customers can easily remember and understand what you offer when they see it on a sign. At Caac Tax Services we have a team of experts to advise you on the legal needs of your company

LLC (Limited Liability Company)

Simply put, it is the least complex business structure. Unlike an s corp or c corp, the structure of an LLC is flexible. There are great advantages to an LLC. Call our team to discuss those perks and benefits.

Some reasons to use an LLC:

  • » Simplicity
  • » No residency requirement
  • » Structural flexibility


If it’s not built in, it doesn’t look as professional as it would like to be. Protect your personal assets, get tax breaks, and grow your business by incorporating today. Incorporating is the process of defining your business, both legally and strategically. You need to plan to build your business.

Some reasons to incorporate:

  • Protection of personal assets
  • Tax flexibility and incorporation tax benefits
  • Greater credibility
  • brand protection
  • perpetual existence
  • deductible expenses

S Corporation

  • Elimination of double taxation on income
  • investment opportunities
  • Tax return once a year

C Corporation

  • Unlimited growth potential through stock sales
  • No limit on the number of shareholders
  • Tax Deductible Business Expenses

At Caac Tax Services, we will let you know WHICH IS YOUR BEST MOVE: S Corp, C corp or LLC is best for you. Our experts are ready to prepare your legal business documents. call us



Caac Tax Services offers multiple lines of independent types of insurance coverage for your entire family and business. Call us today for a free quote. We are committed to offering you insurance at low prices for the same coverage you already have or even better.


Call us today to get the best coverage for your family.

Automobiles and Motorcycles

We offer affordable liability and full coverage Texas auto insurance.


Truck and auto insurance. Buy your commercial insurance with us and we will give you TX DOT as a gift.


Health and life

We can help you choose the best health and life insurance plan for your entire family and business.

Worker's Compensation

Every business needs workers’ compensation insurance. Protect your business from any additional expenses.

Rental Insurance

Rent a house or an apartment? We have many options for you that will fit your budget.

Commercial Insurance

Don’t leave your business without insurance. We can provide you with the best quote for your business needs.

Titles and other Services

Transfers of Titles and Bond Titles

Title transfer, bond titles, lost title and license plates.

Money Transfer Services

You can easily transfer money to your family or business transactions. Barry and Money Gram. Collection of cash services. Money transfers to Central America or Mexico. Payment orders.

Notary services plus Mobile Notary 24/7

When you need fast and experienced notary services, contact the office of CAAC Tax Services. We’ll be able to tell you exactly what you need to make sure the process is as smooth as possible. We can help you with legal documents, loan documents, or any other important documents. Please give us a call if you have any questions, concerns or to set up a time to come by. Do not forget our mobile Notary service, we will be at your disposal 24/7.

legal service

We also offer legal services for your personal and business needs.

  • Apostilled, Affidavits (affidavit)
  • Birth Certification correction
  • Power of Attorney
  • Letter for travel of minors
  • Immigration documents

Other services

  • Passport application 
  • Utility payments
  • Fax, mail, and copy documents
  • Travel letter review
  • Credit Repair

Serving our customers since 2005